Found Several Santa Fe Apartments For Rent

I was looking around for Santa Fe apartments for rent. I needed to move out of my apartment because my lease was almost up. I didn’t want to move, but I didn’t have the option to stay longer. My landlord already had another renter lined up to move in after my lease was up.

I asked a few of my co-workers if they knew of the best place to find santa fe apartments for rent. Since I didn’t really know anyone in the area, I wasn’t sure who else to ask. They told me a few good places to start looking for an apartment. I went online and looked at a website that one of my co-workers mentioned. He said that he found his apartment this way. I found lots of different apartments available for rent. I wanted to make sure I would be living close to work so I made sure to check the address of where they were located before I got my hopes up. I was able to find a few that were in the vicinity of where I worked so I contacted the property manager through the website.

I also went on Facebook, as another co-worker suggested, and searched for groups in the Santa Fe area that I could ask about rentals in. I made a post

saying I was in search of an apartment for rent and the price range I was looking to pay. I also stated that I wanted something that was close to my job and gave the location of that. I got a few responses to my post within just an hour. The property managers even sent me pictures of the apartments. I made arrangements to look at one of the apartments because it looked really nice and the rent was low.

I received phone calls about the apartments I found on the website too and set up appointments to look at those as well. I really liked one of them because the utilities were included in the rent. It seemed like the most reasonable option for me and after looking at it in person, it kind of sealed the deal.

I let the landlord know I was interested in renting and asked what I would need to put for a down payment. He got everything set up and I paid him and filled out the rental agreement.