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Xbox Series X: which games will be released as a temporary exclusive on the Microsoft console?

Microsoft has revamped the concept of temporary exclusives, allowing Xbox Series X owners to play ahead of others.

During its Xbox Games Showcase airing Thursday, July 23, Microsoft announced several games that will be available on Xbox Series X, some of them being developed by studios outside of the multinational.they should also be released on PS5.

Nonetheless, Microsoft has managed to secure temporary console exclusives, meaning that some titles will be available to Xbox Series X (and sometimes Xbox One) owners first - indefinitely.was little used on the Xbox One/PS4 generation, but, in recent months, Epic Games used it to distribute games before Steam (example: Red Dead Redemption 2) .This strategy inflates the catalog against the competition .

Another argument for Microsoft is that all the games presented below will be available in the Game Pass on the day of their release.This is, as a reminder, a video game service accessible by subscription.

Xbox Series X temporary exclusives

Certainly one of the biggest announcements of the conference.No one was hoping for a sequel to the cult 2007 FPS anymore and STALKER2 magically appeared at the Xbox Games Showcase with a grim trailer.bounty hunter within Chernobyl, in a post-apocalyptic context.We are promised an immersive and murky open world."The Xbox Series X lives up to these ambitions", explains Zakhar Bocharov, in charge of public relations at GSC Game World.

Posted Date: 2020-07-27

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