Three Of The Most Gorgeous Locations In New Mexico

There are countless spots across the United States that offer true beauty. However, living in New Mexico, you know that we have some of the best. In fact, there are areas in New Mexico that look like they were pulled directly off one of the most magnificent paintings in the area. These destinations are perfect for reconnecting back to nature and seeing what is really imprtant in lfe. With so many gorgeous destinations in New Mexico, it is difficult to choose the top ones. That is why we decided to help you out by ffering three of the most gorgeous destiantions in the state that you may want to visit this weekend.

If you love history and you love natural beauty there are few places as gorgeous as the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial State Park. This is an absolutely breathtaking place to simply reflect on life and loss. WHile the Vietnam War is over 40 years old now, it is one that must not be forgotten. As you explore Angel Fire, this is a destination that should not be missed.

For those of you wh are looking for a location that is almost off the map, you will wnat to head to El Malpais National Conservation Area. In fact, the Cebolla Wilderness is so remote it is quite easy to go for days without the signs of another human being. So if you wonder what it would feel like if you were the last human on earth, this is the destination you want to put down on your list!

Not too long ago, the Bosque del Apache was a perfect location to lose any signs of humanity. However, the Festival of the Cranes has made this into a more popular tourist destination. However, not too far from the origivnal location is the Bernardo Wildlife Area. It is located at 164 Highway 116 in Bosque and offers a truly stunning view of area landscapes and wildlife.In addition, it is one of those remote areas that allows you to truly think about the type of person you are and want to be!

We are truly fortunate to live in such a gorgeous state that allows for so many opportunities of soul searching and recollection. Be sure to take advantage of these opportunities and be glad that we are not forced to love in a large city where one can not even see the stars at night.